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Vapid is an up-and-coming, customizable, reverse-CMS that's simple enough to be used with just HTML. Simultaneously, it's robust and feature-rich enough to be the backbone of this very site.

We were approached by Vapid's founder when the folks behind Transistor referred us. We were asked to rebrand and rebalance the visuals for Vapid to be a bit more polished in appearance and attitude.

With a name as instructive as "Vapid," we knew the direction had to be clear and direct, without extra frills or fuss. After a few rounds of design and critique, we landed on a futuristic wirey logotype and a companion support mark to help signify the brand in small spaces.

The primary inspiration for the logo is the basic concept of Gestalt. Every time you add a Vapid tag to the site you're building, you're creating a component as part of the rest of the page. When everything comes together, you have a fully functioning CMS. We applied this concept to a pattern system to hint at the resultant variability and depth that comes from combining and layering simple tags together.

Logotype before and after

Logo stinger

This pattern highlights and is representative of the Gestalt concept of the brand. By imagining each triangle as a component of a website, a larger, more nuanced composition forms. The pattern is imagined as an easily programmable support-graphic solution.

As an exercise to see how the brand might live, we set a few patterns for a book and slipcase imagining it as a welcoming token for using Vapid or as an offline tool to foster adaptation in a friendly and welcoming way.

Type lockup and mark explorations

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