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Everything old is new again

The Aging Room represents the ultimate expression of steak. Relic was originally brought on to create a logo for Andy Graham and The Aging Room crew by Scott & Victor. We produced a color scheme and identity system that is both scalable and adaptable to the needs of the business.

As a B2B, The Aging Room works to create bespoke roomlettes for mid-high grade grocery stores and restaurants to lower the cost and expand the availability of premium dry-aged meats. These roomlettes are custom built to suit each business and function as both active dehumidifyers and as backlit display cases for the product. At least one wall is in the roomlette is lined with pink salt bricks.

We developed an active and angular type lockup. Its construction allows the complexity to be dialed up or down as needed express extravagant, yet appropriate, decor. The logo we developed is inspired by the salt bricks used in the roomlettes. With a name like "The Aging Room" we felt that it made sense to play into visual symbolism that exemplifies tradition, craft, and a certain sense of secrecy.

Early on in the process, Andy let us know that there were ambitions to integrate a business to consumer (B2C) model. They envisioned creating a line of premium spices, cook and grillware, and other supplemental goods to support the consumer. As they're currently operating in stealth, most of this material is built on the hopes and vision of what form the B2C model might take.

By bringing classic and historical geometric patterns together with rich, warm colors, we were able to craft an endlessly expandable and iterable visual system within The Aging Room's brand structure.

Knowing that The Aging Room hopes to eventually make consumer products, we took it upon ourselves to visualize what form the brand could take. We found that, rather than being bogged down or diluted, the identity is actually enhanced with each layer and element added.

We created an icon set that takes cues from the type design to capture the essence of The Aging Room's three consumer verticals: kitchenware, herbs & spices, and cutlery.

The full brand expression combines logo, color, pattern, layout, and bold copy to provoke the audience's curiosity.

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