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ActiWit is a technological solution with a simple premise: teach and encourage children with ADD, ADHD, and other behavior differences to practice mindfulness and meditation so that they can address their symptoms with a reduced dependence on medication. The method that the company plans to use is to create a small headband-style EEG sensor with bluetooth functionality. The headband will track brain wave patterns and relay the user's current status to a paired phone app. The app would also host a few gameified exercises that could be called up to initiate a meditation session. The device itself would be silent, non-disruptive and suitable for everyday use at home and or school.

Relic was approached to create a logo for ActiWit but we were so enamored by the hope and kindness behind the idea that we produced an entire suite of branded assets and worked to help flesh out their concept to give it the best fighting chance of succeeding. After the brand and website concepts were fleshed out, we brought on Bobby Reichle to help concept a headband device to help enable ActiWit to continue moving forward.

Working with both Bobby and the ActiWit team, we resolved to develop a product that could withstand the rigors of every-day use from a child. It needed to be simple in operation, sturdy in construction, and, perhaps most importantly, it needed to look fun to use.

Some older EEG technology takes the form of a mesh of nodes that are carefully laid over an individual's head. As technology has advanced the functionality of what ActiWit needs can now occupy a much less scary form factor.

ActiWit chose this logo because its simplicity makes it iconic and unique. The mark is also referential and signifies not just the headband devices but also, electrons orbiting an atom—evoking scientific pursuit of knowledge, as well as a halo—representing that the device is helping to "watch over" a user's symptoms.

The seven primary colors for product use. It was important that the colors utilized were bright and cheery. We wanted each child to be able to have a favorite color.

The dot pattern in use throughout refers to the data collected while meditating, the neural nodes on the headband itself, and acts as a nod to the historical neural nets that used to be necessary for all EEGs.

We designed a headset named Mantra and drew upon Buddhist meditative philosophies and motifs, such as a wave or ripples in water.

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