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The future sounds like now

Transistor is a platform and network that helps podcast creators launch, maintain an audience, monetize, and gather metrics all in one place. We created an inspired identity by looking at the history of broadcasting and finding a symbolic way to hearken back to the golden age of radio while forecasting the rise of a new form of media.

We were asked by the founder of Transistor to develop an identity that was simple, geometric, and made use of thick lines. From that basic ask we went on to select a typographic companion and to develop a style guide comprising of an a11y-compliant color system. After having the basic building blocks assembled, we delivered a marketing site to help Transistor broadcast the advantages of their platform. By including bright, cheery colors and incorporating nods to wave-forms, the brand manages to strike a balance of being serious and straight forward while leaving room for play.
The mark's ability to emote is something we imagined to be useful. We believed it could act as a living mascot of sorts or could find use as something more utilitarian such as a randomized default avatar for new users.