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Named for the period of time when a business is being planned but not actually extant, Quarter Zero is a startup incubator-meets-workshop for high school students. Participants are given a space and the opportunity to flex their entrepreneurial muscles, practice working toward success, and learn how to fail in a supportive and constructive space.

Relic was brought into the fold with Q-Zero immediately after initial brand-direction approval courtesy of Kyle Fletcher. From the get-go we established ourselves as partners who share in the vision and champion Q-Zero's cause. During our partnership, Relic started with Kyle's foundation and continued to iterate and further develop the brand language to suit Q-Zero's myriad needs.

Quarter Zero's brand is visually defined by chaotic stream-of-consiousness-creativity, married to the ebullient potential of youth. The brand features swooping, amorphous, gradiented blobs, reinforced by pieces of flotsam, and strong, airy typographic composition. With so much to consider, each flyer or piece of promotion becomes a one-off artwork intended to seize onlookers' attention and to leave them eager to learn more.

The brand's logo exists in three distinct forms that are used flexibly dependent on the application

Utilizing digital printing, we were able to capitalize on the visual strength of the blobs by creating a letterhead that perfectly tiles with its own back side.
The silkscreen process doesn't always work with complex gradients. In order to produce pieces that would work well for the medium, we developed a visually-simpler alternate art direction to accommodate these more restrictive processes.